Review by Thea Nietfield

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Review of Needle in the Bone: How a Holocaust Survivor and a Polish Resistance Fighter Beat the Odds and Found Each Other by CarynMirriam-Goldberg, 2013

Maybe its because I was still unsettled from a visit to Israel/Palestine some years ago; maybe its the re-connection after decades with my friend and the book’s author, Caryn; maybe its because several lively voices tell this story with the complexity and clarity needed in these times…I was intrigued by the blend of history through personal story and data, blended into warm present-day Kansas relationships.

Like the needle in Lou Frydman’s foot, the Nazi era and its Holocaust stays with us – no matter where we live, no matter our religion or ethnicity. We need resources like Needle in the Bone to learn how to talk about this global trauma through inherited gut judgments. We need to practice honoring stories so that we can hold each others’ gaze until human needs for understanding and safety are satisfied.

I recommend this book to people who challenge themselves to face difficult truths so we can lean into the future with hope that we too can live with courage and resilience, and share our stories with friends.

~ Thea Nietfeld

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