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The book may not be coming out until mid-November, but you can now pre-order copies at Potomac press by visiting this link. In the past month, I’ve gone over the very careful and complete final copy edits, including meeting with Jane to check on Lou’s facts and with Jarek to check on his own, and now the book is on its way to design and layout. For a project that started five years ago, it’s a joy to know how fast it’s moving toward publication. Lou had a chance to see the final version of the book, and I believe he would have liked this cover from the publishers, which I find very appropriate, artful and to the point (no pun intended). I wish Lou could have held the book in his hands before he died, but I know he was able to participate in conveying all the nuances of his story as accurately as possible through out years working on this together. I look forward to sharing his and Jarek’s stories as well as what they had to say about the vast realities of war, community-building, change, families, and making new lives out of old ruins.