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The fourth or fifth (I’ve lost track) draft of the book is done, and it’s far enough along that now I’m having five good friends (thank you, friends!) each do a quick proof of 70 pages of the book each, and then it goes to Lou and Jarek for fact-checking. Meanwhile, life goes on, which for us also means Passover. We celebrated with a group of 31, including Jane and Lou and some of their family, and many others, starting with the great Passover Hagaddah we always use (which refers to God differently each time, including calling God “I am that I am,” which I always love hearing) and ending with a loud descent into Passover-lyric-changed Beatles tunes. Amazing what the Mogen David wine can do to a person! In any case, whenever we get to the part of the service where we all call out, “Next year in Jerusalem,” we also call out, “Next year South of the Wakarusa,” right where we are with dear friends and family celebrating liberation and hope.

Pictures: Lou and Jane on top; how to fit over 30 people into a dining room for 6 in the middle; Daniel, friends Zach and Josh, and our daughter Natalie on bottom.